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Document Management Challenges

Capital Projects generate vast amounts of information ranging from contract correspondence through design drawings, and vendor/supplier documentation. Each piece of information must be properly managed and the entire set must be organized in a useable and intuitive way. Project Management Teams need to be able to trust information to meet review/approval cycles and schedule requirements. Engineering and Construction teams need to be able to meet the demands of the facility owners with flexibility to support multiple client requirements. Information Technology teams need to be able to align to the project execution needs globally. Operations require adequate, quality assured, well structured, and immediately useable information. DCAMP was developed with these needs in mind.

DCAMP – A Fit for Purpose Document Management Solution

Successful implementations of Information Management for Capital Projects are dependent on technology to ensure owner/operator compliance as well as meeting the internal needs of engineering, procurement, and construction teams. DCAMP was developed to automate the tedious repetitive day to day document control quality checks and to support increasing workloads with fewer experienced resources.

DCAMP is an automation tool that brings a higher level of document management beyond that found in Enterprise DMS systems. It is used by Document Controllers to manage large quantities of documents moving into or out of a controlled document environment.

Incoming Transmittal

Incoming Transmittal

DCAmp Online User’s Manual

DCAMP – Key Features

  • Transmittal management
  • Workflow management/Distribution matrix
  • Bulk loading/extraction of documents and attributes alike
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • Configurable at project level
  • Vendor document management
  • Master document List
  • Validation of transmittal content
  • Version control capabilities

DCAMP – Development History

Our engineers have been enhancing DCAMP for over 15 years, having deployments in the real world over several Major Capital Projects. The fundamental concepts of this tool were developed by our IM experts and are based on best practices and lessons learned to optimize the throughput on these projects while maintaining quality control validation. DCAMP in its previous iteration has been used on 6 multi-billion dollar projects and is successfully implemented today in one of the world’s largest oil & gas companies.