OpAmp Information Management, LLC

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Data Book Assembly

The overwhelming feeling of not meeting customer’s deadlines and potentially losing money is no longer necessary when you entrust our team to construct, review, and manage the information and data necessary to complete your project.

  1. Mission
    1. Opamp’s information deliverables service deploys a variety of methods to ensure that a product’s information is prepared accurately and efficiently in accordance with criteria set forth by Certifying Authorities, Industry Standards, and Customer requirements. Our flexible turnkey solution will save you money, time, and the burden of noncompliant documentation commonly seen on all projects.
  2. Our Functions
    1. Construction of quality document packages- Our team focuses on providing quality work and stands behind all final information packages submitted to our customers
    2. Information Deliverables management- Our company works closely with third party certifying authorities such as ABS and DNV to expedite your documentation
    3. Process Improvement-Our team is dedicated to helping your company grow. We offer work process analysis and can help streamline your company’s information processes to better meet project deadlines.
  3. Services offered
    1. Acquisition and Construction of Data and Information Packages
    2. Review and prepare documentation for 3rd Party Approval
    3. Documentation management oversight throughout the production process
    4. Documentation Process Consulting to improve quality efficiency of the overall documentation process
    5. Paper to digital documentation conversion
  4. Skills
    1. Multiple years of Oil and Gas Experience (onshore & offshore)
    2. Proficient in core Microsoft Office Programs
    3. Proficient in Adobe Acrobat Professional
    4. API Member company
    5. Fluent in Industry Standards
    6. Strong Vendor relationships
    7. Project Management
  5. Strong in the understanding of:
    1. Supply chain management & procedures
    2. Material Composition requirements
    3. Non Destructive Examination
    4. Welding requirements

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