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It is important to differentiate document control from information management in the context of this website. Document control is fundamental to information management and without good document control information management cannot succeed.

However, information management includes information related to contract management, data acquisition and quality assurance, system implementation and many other matters.

While a detailed description of information management is beyond the scope of this website, a general understanding of the information management issues and the organizations that participate in capital project execution and handover is necessary to provide context to the services offered by OpAmp.

Capital Project Projects to design, construct, install and commission manufacturing or process plants.
Commissioning A rigorous process used to manage the mechanical completion, testing, and finally initial operations of a facility. This process leads to handover of the facility to Operations.
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Production facility information system(s) for maintaining the physical equipment assets. Typically this is the system receiving handover asset related information.
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) A computer based system used for managing electronic and paper-based documents. An EDMS generally offers a means of checking documents into the system, searching for documents in the system, and version control. Many systems also provide work-flow and collaboration capabilities.
Engineering Systems A rigorous process used to manage the design, mechanical completion, testing, and initial operations of a facility. This process leads to handover of the facility to Operations.
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) The organization responsible for managing or performing engineering, procurement, and construction services.
Facility A physical place that is used for a particular industry.
Handover The transition of ownership of project information from Project Management to Operations.
Metadata Data that provides information about other data.
Operations The organization, typically within the owner/operator company, that will operate the facility after it is commissioned.
Operations Assurance A suite of activities to ensure the safe and effective operation of a facility. This initiative often includes operations participation in the design process, management of spare parts recommendations, creation of effective operations, training manuals, and ensuring that handover includes a complete set of quality information.
Project Management Team (PMT) The team of Owner/Operator representatives responsible for the execution of the project.
Quality Assurance A program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to ensure that standards of quality are being met.
Quality Control A group of activities (analysis and inspections) designed to ensure facility quality.