OpAmp Information Management, LLC

Innovative solutions for your Information Management needs



OpAmp IM was founded by three individuals, all with extensive engineering background, who saw first-hand that companies (both EPC and Owner-Operators) were amassing data and documents but did not have an adequate means of controlling and utilizing that information. With the various litigations that appear in the nightly news, it was apparent that there is a need for information management expertise, especially on major capital projects.

We provide this specialized service in a way that is flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of client needs. The primary focus of the company is helping our clients manage information – all information – during the entire life-cycle, from conceptual through detailed engineering, to operations and maintenance, and finally to de-commissioning.

OpAmp offers this service in such a manner by giving you the flexibility to set your requirements and let us help you put them in place or oversee their implementation on your projects.